Saturday, 29 July 2017

I Have Just Seen These Magical Pictures,

of fireflies,

 taken in Japan by photographer Hiroki Ishikura, a photographer based in Shimane Prefecture,

 Ishikura’s photographs are made from composites and are enhanced digitally, but where Ishikura’s photographs stand out from others is his use of his own children within the photos, although beautiful on their own, the addition of human subjects, children in particular makes a magical scene even more so,

You can follow Ishikura on Twitter and Instagram where he posts his work, although late for this year, the firefly 'season' runs typically around May and June, and the magical time is from around 7 to 9pm, the locations are known to a select few, but one place you might want to try if you are in Japan next year is Senri Ryokuchi Park in Osaka.

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