Thursday, 13 July 2017

In These PC Times,

common sense has ruled at last!

The Washington Redskins can keep their name, Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington NFL team said, ”I am THRILLED!” according to an email from the team’s public relations department. ”Hail to the Redskins.” what a great display of common sense from the court, but it appears some are not happy and see the name Redskins as derogatory, but when I watch my favourite team play the term means to me nothing more than a name of brave people playing football, but as always some do not, after all if you object to Redskins where does that leave the Kansas City Chiefs? the Kansas City Chefs I guess but then that would encourage obesity so that's out then, but where does name changing stop?

my mothers sister after the war married an American cowboy, he hated the Dallas Cowboys for using his occupation as a name and wanted them banned, as did cousin Ginny, she loves dolphins so much that she wanted the Miami Dolphins to change their name as she could not stand to hear them being beaten, and as for poor uncle Cogg, he being vertically challenged, (he was a tad under 5 foot tall), cringed every time he heard mention of the New York Giants, coming back to the European branch of the family, distant cousin Latchmere Willerby, a fierce agnostic always vents his spleen when he hears of the New Orleans Saints as the term saints flies like a poisoned arrow straight into his face, but wait a second, I am getting a little outraged now I come to think of it, how dare a team use my middle name Falcon, I shall write to the Atlanta Falcons and demand they remove my name from their team!

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