Sunday, 23 July 2017

Time For Some Maintenance,

starting with the aquarium,

clean the inside of the front glass, then take roughly 40% of the water out, 

 and refill,

 next stop Index, our bedroom wardrobe after being flooded last year is looking the worse for wear, so we had a look around to see what was on offer, in a couple of weeks and having taken a few measurements in the bedroom we will be back, 

 next stop the weekend plant market, in the carpark behind it you can see the Bangkok Pattaya hospital in the distance,

 if you are going away from Pattaya go past the hospital and take the next 'U' turn and the market is on the left, or if you need a taxi ask for mini-Siam as it is next door to the market,

 naturally first stop,

 the aquatic outlet,

 lots of fish, food and accessories to chose from,

 we made our way along the aisles,

 looking at the plants on display,

 these insectivorous plants always fascinate me, 

 with their strange leaves coloured and shaped to attract and then devour insects,

 next a cactus stall,

 and a choice being made,

 moisture loving plants if you have a boggy part of land in your garden,

 and a nice selection of bromeliads,

  I thought these were nice, 

 two tone water lilies, 

 there are also a few stalls selling handicrafts, 

 with garden furniture and doors on offer,

plus homes for pets,

bargain of the day, 3 orchids for 100 baht,

 it is not just small plants that are on offer at one end of the market there are some sizeable trees, 

 the next aisle,

 has the stall with garden ornaments in it,

 like this cheerful couple,

 or these wind-chimes with plants,

a first for us, we do not have a clue what these plants are, but they did look pretty,

 back to a cactus stall,

 with cactus gardens on offer,

 we are always amaze at this stall, the shear number of blooms on sale here every week is staggering, the farm that the blooms come from must be huge,

 in the same aisle another cactus stall,

  and some more of the,

 two tone waterlilies, 

next an aquatic stall,

 that had some redcap orandas, (Carassius auratus auratus), at 50 baht each we bought two,

 and then bought at 10 baht each some black moors, (also Carassius auratus auratus) and a couple with red coloration on them,

 back to the plants,

 more bromeliads,

 and some flowering Moon cactus,

 we found ourselves back in the hardware section, 

 where they sold machetes, lots of them,

Diana took a fancy to this one, and for 150 baht it was hers, there will be some serious gardening happening next week!

 at the end of this aisle,

 is the coffee,

 and food section, 

where local dishes are prepared, 

 we made our way back to the truck, passing some of the stalls selling soil,

 then it was Diana's turn to clean the kittens pool, watched by Mariana,


 and from a safe distance Hogue, 

 on to the evening,

 after a starer of garlic bread we had a lobster bisque,

 which was delicious,

 on with the barby,

 for tonight's main course,

 chicken satay,

 and for Diana,

 some Thai food that she bought from the market last night and a satay, Diana had also made a peanut sauce along with a onion, cucumber and pepper relish,

 and then a real surprise,

a home made creme caramel, delicious, we chatted about our holiday plans for next year, Diana decided against North Korea, may be the South instead? listened to music until the midnight hour and with that we were off to bed.

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