Saturday, 15 July 2017

Shopping Today,

so off to Friendship,

 work continues next door,

 now that motorcyclists are being charged for parking there is plenty of room out front,

 and here is some good news, the motorcycle park is now less than a quarter of the size it was when parking was free, the other piece of good news is that the number of customers since the charges have been introduce have fallen sharply, instead of on market days the 5 tills being staffed and long queues, now only three tills are staffed and no queues at all, so that is saving on the wages bill,

 shopping finished in record time we called into the coffee and tea stall for a ice tea and coffee,

 arriving home it was the turn of Hogue,

 to be shampooed,

 who did not talk to us for the rest of the day, 

 next off to a rather wet weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 spots of rain on the camera and pieces of rope across the aisles as all of the stall holders had put rain awnings out,

 but the rain did not put the soup buyers off,

 looking inland nothing but grey skies,

 as I made my way along the aisles,

 more awnings were going up,

 the stalls opposite the bar shielding their goods from the driving rain,

 I made my way down towards the pet section,

 a drinks seller on his way up,

 the fruit stall now back in it's usual place,

 I looked along the new uprights and at the end of it,

 I could see that half of a new row of uprights and cross pieces were in place,

 the pet section, not many customers tonight, it was still lightly raining,

 the stall we normally buy our cat food from had the first part of the stall shuttered,

 food bought I made my way to the petting stall,



 and goats all waiting to be petted,

 sunset over the market, well rain clouds really,

 not only had work started on a new row, but one more upright had been put in place for the next row, 

 another four or so rows and this end of the structure will be complete,

 arriving back at the bar the ground had started to dry out and the rain had finally stopped,

 but it looked looked more rain was on the way,

 arriving home, the delicious aroma,

of lamb stew filled the air, 

we then watched some from series 13 of Top Gear, which we both enjoyed,

and rounded the evening off with a couple from Broadchurch and with that we were off to bed.

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