Monday, 24 July 2017

For All Of My School Life,

the one thing that was constant,

was that every geography master would say that if we dug a hole straight through the earth's core, on the other side we would come out in Australia, but they were wrong, thanks to this neat little program I now know that digging from Croydon, which is the nearest point of where I went to school

I would have ended up in the ocean! exactly here, just a few minuets and seconds from the International Date Line, which makes sense if you think about it as the Greenwich Prime Meridian is only a few miles from Croydon,

and here we are standing across itthe website is called Antipodes Map, the map is draggable and zoomable in true Google Map fashion, click on your location and it shows you what is on the opposite side of the earth, 

and out of interest if I dug straight down here in Pattaya, I would emerge just off of the coast of Peru, what a neat website.

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