Wednesday, 19 July 2017

With The Introduction,

of layers of crystals and colour-changing thermal paints that further bring the alien works to life,

 the works of Dallas-based artist Dan Lam take on a new look,  

her work is divided roughly in to three forms, squishes,


and blobs,

in all shades and colours,

 the pieces appear to ooze from where they rest, growing stalactite-like appendages that drip from the edges of shelves, the pieces are made primarily from polyurethane foam and acrylic paint and are often adorned with spiky appendages,

“My work has always elicited pretty raw reactions from people, my favourite being the desire to touch the object, to make sense of it with another sense because just seeing it doesn’t satiate the curiosity,” Lam shares with Blackbook Gallery. “I like the tension that is created in that moment.” Lam most recently had works on view with Black Book Gallery and Guy Hepner, You can see more of her behind-the-scenes process and studio experiments on Instagram, I am not sure I would want one of these my arm or oozing out of a wall, but they certainly are different.

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