Monday, 17 July 2017

I Just Had To Take A Look At Some Of The Images,

in The Getty’s Open Content Program,

it is easily accessible all you have to do is go to this link, and  start looking and searching, below are just a few of the treasures there,

A Sloth; Joris Hoefnagel, Flemish / Hungarian, 1542 – 1600, and Georg Bocskay, Hungarian, died 1575; Vienna, Austria, Europe; 1561 – 1562; illumination added 1591 – 1596; Watercolors, gold and silver paint, and ink on parchment

Cats, A Mouse; Unknown; England, Europe; about 1250 – 1260; Pen-and-ink drawings tinted with body colour and translucent washes on parchment

Hill & Adamson, photographer (Scottish, active 1843 - 1848), [Newhaven Fishermen], British, 1845, Salted paper print from a Calotype negative,

 and I just had to put in some illustrations from Poissons, Ecrevisses et Crabes,

 the two volumes were originally published in 1719, with a second edition in 1754,

 the book contains 100 plates bearing 460 hand-coloured engravings, a total of 415 fishes, 41 crustaceans, two stick insects, a dugong and, in a final foldout, a solitary mermaid,

 the engravings were supposedly based on drawings from life by the artist Samuel Fallours (active 1703–20) which belonged to Baltazar Coyett, Governor of Ambon and Banda (1694–1706), and to Mr Van der Stael, Governor of the Molucca Islands, produced in two volumes, the images in the first part tend to be fairly realistic, but many in the second seem to have been given a make over with many patterns not seen on the fish, going back to the Getty what a treasure trove of images, the problem is once I start looking I can not tear myself away!

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