Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Cover For Our Outdoor Table,

was a little the worse for wear,

or I should say was suffering from sunburn,

 I see these covers all over the place in bright sunlight, but it seems that ours was not designed to be in the sun at all, it has hardly lasted 3 or  4 months,

 so on the advice of Bill who I bumped into earlier I called in here, the shop is on the Thepprasit Road,

just opposite the entrance in the middle of the weekend night market,

I was told that this plastic was sun-proof, I just hope it is, 

 next stop Tesco, we were getting low on wine so I thought rather than go to Makro I would call in here for just one box, we had been told that for the next three days shops and bars can not sell alcohol as it is a religious weekend,

 whilst I was doing this Diana had popped into town to buy a new set of headphones, when she return we were off to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 I made my way past the stalls,

 lots of cloud,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 and inland as well,

I called into the 3BB office to pay our Internet bill,

 then made my way along one of the aisles to the bar,

 puppies, new for this week,

 we never had T shirts like these when I was a kid, in those days they were just black, or white,

 and who was waiting at the bar? none other than Jim,

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling towels, and another selling clothes,

 we needed some kitten or I should say cat food as they are now all 1 year old, so I made my way to the pet section,

 at the end of the row of steelworks the next section has been completed,

 with floor/roofing piled above ready for I guess the next section to be put in place,

 a few customers in the pet section,

 I called in for the cats food,

 then passed the petting station,

 just one goat outside today,

 sunset over the market,

 the row number 8 counting from the road now covered over,

 and her She is, Cher back from shopping,

 looking inland it was getting decidedly cloudy, 

 especially as it got darker,

 'Cheers!', from all of us,

 we then made a move to the Punch and Judy, it is located between Pattaya 3rd Road and Thepprasit Soi 8,

 for our evening meal,

 fish and chips for Cher,

a lamb shank for Jim,

a chicken wrap for Diana,

 and fish and chips for myself, 


 from all of us, we chatted the evening away and after saying our farewells we made a move for home, then  it was feet up for a few quiz shows, a couple from Top Gear and for us we were off to bed.

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