Sunday, 16 July 2017


has rushed around again, 

so Diana changed the water in the cats pool, watched by Mariana, 

and Cable,

Hogue was more interested in eating,

and for myself it was water out, 40% roughly of it,

and back in again,

in the afternoon something strange happened, one of the kittens that we feed outside came to the front door, Cable and Hogue were fascinated by it,

Mariana was not and repeatedly tried to scratch it, but to no avail as the mosquito screen was between them,

so it turned into a staring match,

the kitten finally deciding it was time to lay down and take a nap,

in the evening we were outside for our barby, garlic bread,

followed by avocado prawns, 

and breadcrumb battered prawns,

then lite the barby,

there was so much smoke I had to go to the end of it,

but it soon caught and we were in business,

on with the pork fillets,

and potatoes, with onions and bacon bits added,

we spent the evening listening to music and were joined by the white kitten, it could smell the food I guess, we chatted the evening away and at about the midnight hour, we were off to bed.

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