Saturday, 22 July 2017

Shopping For The Weekend,

so off to Friendship,

 the car park with plenty of room,

 now that the motorcyclist have to pay unless they shop, and have their parking ticket stamped, which has led to a 75% drop in motorcycles parked there, the good news is that the tills again were devoid of customers, absolutely no customers queuing at the checkouts, which for a market day is unheard of, but good news for us as we had a choice of 3 of the 4 tills that had no one waiting at them,

 we stopped off at the coffee stall on the way home for an ice coffee and tea,

 we also called in at the pineapple stall, 

 and bought 6 of them to snack on over the next few days, these are the small toy pineapples that are normally so sweet,

 next stop after putting the shopping away, a glass shop on the Thepprasit Road, the cats climb up the mosquito screens and pull them away from the frame, so every so often we have to replace the mosquito netting,

to find the shop the view looking towards the Sumkivitt Road,

 this is a different shop to the one we used last time we went here as the previous shop was closed but it is easy to find as it is opposite,

 the Yunomori spa,

 and a few builders merchants,

 10 minuets and 200 baht later and we were on our way home,

 screen fitted and we were off to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 this mobile stall selling all manner of home made household items,

 at the market new for this week,

big eyed dolls, 

  looking towards Jomtien,

 a bit cloudy, 

 just a wisp of cloud looking inland,

only one customer at the soup stall tonight,

 a nice selection of mirrored sunglasses, of course if you want to be really cool you have the mirrors on the inside,

 one of the mobile stalls doing the rounds,

 and one of the ice cream salesmen, 

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling shorts and a 100 baht stall,

 during the week some more work has been completed on the steelworks, 10 uprights now in place,

 the cross sections on the 9th upright,

 now completed,

 I guess by next week this row will be completed,

 not many customers in the pet section,

 I made my way to the stall we normally use,

 and bought 5 lattice balls with bells inside that the cats like to play with, which gave nearby shoppers some amusement as I walked around with 5 bells jingling in my pocket at every step,

 the petting stall was open,

 with the usual suspects,

 in attendance,

 there were even a couple of tame unfettered rabbits hopping around, 

 the owner of the aquatic stall looking at his display,

 sunset over the market,

 although I should say the sun is now setting on the other side of the condominium buildings, 

 making my way back to the bar Jim had beaten there,

 as we were sitting there lots of cloud came rolling in, 

 as darkness fell,

 we all made a move,

 to the Punch and Judy, which is located between Pattaya 3rd Road and Thepprasit Soi 8,

'Cheers!', from all of us, we chatted the evening away then after saying our farewells we made our way home where it was feet up, a few from Top Gear and we were off to bed.

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