Thursday, 20 July 2017

To End His Career,

a Swedish film director,

is making a film that will be shown simultaneously on all continents, for one time only, after which He plans to destroy all copies, so that it can never be screened again,

it is the masterpiece of Anders Weberg, who takes his work very seriously, for instance he took a whole week of filming to complete just one 3 second sequence in his film, AmbiencĂ©,  Weberg claims that his masterpiece is not a “scripted, dramaturgical piece, My process is that I collect glimpses of light with the camera and take that with me into the computer where the real work begins, taking all these glimpses and arranging and rearranging them into a flow that I feel represents the emotion I try to express,” the director writes. “There is a lot of post production behind it where I run all the captured material through numerous processes. I use After Effects for that part, so this will be for sure an ephemeral experience and the only thing that will remain is the memories of the little bits and parts the viewer got to see.”

the good news is that there is a trailer out for it, and you can watch it now, but have a few mugs of coffee handy,

 the trailer is 7 hours and 20 minuets long! did I mention the film will be 720 hours long, that’s 30 days of continuous screening time, and the good news is that a 72 hour long trailer will be released in 2018, AmbiencĂ© will feature around 100 actors, some of which Weberg has worked with in the past and some contracted only for this movie, but it may have no dialogue at all, the director stated that he hasn’t put in any dialogue in the over 400 hours he’s made so far, and may skip it for the entire thing. He claims dialogue is overused in cinema these days, like beats in music, and that it is not needed to send a message,

the mantra above from Anders Weberg says it all, hopefully the film will be finished and released in 2020, I wonder if it will be shown here?

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