Friday, 28 July 2017


something that has been around since writing on papyrus first began, 

 and we still use everyday, The History of Ink: Including its Etymology, Chemistry, and Bibliography (1860), gives a fascinating insight into all of it's properties, 

 the book was the creation of Thaddeus Davids and Co, one of the largest ink manufacturers of its day,

there is a page of trials, the examples being kept in the sun and rain for five months to test their staying power, I wonder how modern day inks would fare?

 there are pages of writing samples, 

and examples of different typefaces, with a name for each example listed,

and at the back of the book 3 pages of the word 'ink' translated into different languages, not for everyone, but I had been indentured for 5 years in the print trade, so although the company sold ink for writing, rather than for machine printing, it was still fascinating for me, especially the different typefaces which, during my admittedly short career in the print trade, I never came across at work.

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