Saturday, 15 April 2017

With Easter Coming Up,

what better gift for someone who has everything,

than a gold-plated iPhone 7s engraved with religious symbols and prayers, and blessed by an Orthodox bishop?

Caviar Phone has been creating limited edition gold-plated smartphones for a few years, even making international headlines in 2014 for a Putin-themed iPhone aimed at rich Russian patriots, I wonder if they will make one for Trump? just a thought,

'according to the scriptures, with faith one is capable of moving mountains, a bright flame in our soul, it illuminates our way on Earth and inspires great deeds,' it states on the Caviar website,

 and in light of the scriptures the new collection is called Credo, which, for the first time features a custom casing, whereas the previous ones only had the decorations attached to the original casing, so for that reason they are a bit more expensive, with prices ranging from 199,000 roubles ($3,545) to 219,000 ($3.900), but you can grab one of the older models for as low as 186,000 roubles ($3,300), that's lucky then,

Caviar also sells Credo smartwatches engraved with images of the Blessed Virgin Mary or the “Our Father” prayer, both models are priced at ($3,360), all Caviar Credo religious iPhone 7s and smartwatches models are limited editions, with just 99 copies of each being sold, 

so you had better be quick with the cheque book and as promised the Russian luxury goods company has every item blessed by Bishop Augustine of Gorodetsky and Vetluzhsky at the Fedorovsky monastery in Gorodetsky, Russia, and no I am not on commission, I just thought one of the above would give some one a very Happy Easter!

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