Friday, 28 April 2017

There Is Something About Japanese Gardens,

that I so like,

 if ever I had the time or the money to have a large plot of land the garden would be distinctly Japanese,

whether formal like the one above, 

 moss covered,

 or with bonsai and water basins, I am not sure which style I would chose,

 but one thing is certain, it would have a pool with the edges just like this one, 

so how to plan such a garden? this book featuring some 400 photographs could be the answer, Marc Peter Keane is an American landscape architect who spent almost 20 years in Kyoto practising landscape design, and in his book becomes a personal guide through 100 of Japan’s Finest Gardens, the book is divided into sections that look at different elements, Intent & Time studies elements that are intentional (balancing stones) and those that require time (growing moss), Space & Passage discusses the way walls and stepping stones regulate the way we move through those space, now back in the USA, Keane maintains an office in upstate New York where he designs Japanese gardens for both public and private spaces, what a better way to visualise your dream Japanese garden than look through his book, and no I am not on commission, I just love Japanese style garden.

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