Friday, 28 April 2017

Our Day's Fishing,

got off to a shaky start,

we went to Paifon where we normally go, but found it was closed for the next few days, so then to Mamak which was also closed, so we drove back to Nick and Maureen's and with the aid of the Internet found the Supin Fishing Park,

we soon tackled up,

and were fishing,

it was so hot the ponds paddle wheel aerator was turned on, paddles agitate the water to give it a greater surface area to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, as water warms the saturation point of oxygen in water lowers meaning that carbon dioxide builds up in the water resulting in less oxygen for, in this case the fish or shrimps if they are being farmed, 

 opposite us,

 there were more than a few chickens with chicks,  

 first fish of the day, so off to the kitchen he went,

 and in no time at all he was back, 

 fried in garlic,

 and with a egg fried rice,

 lots of thunder in the distance, 

 and all too soon the rain clouds came rolling in, so we had rain off and on for the afternoon,

 it was a really nice place to fish, lots of bites as well, the staff were so friendly and helpful, when we arrived it was so hot they even put an electric fan beside us,

there are two ways to fine the Supin Fishing Park go along Soi Khao Talo away from the Sumkivitt Road, cross the railway tracks and take the first left but be warned it is a hairpin left turn, you almost have to double back on yourself, then first right and first left and there it is,

the second way to find it is to go along the railway lines towards Sattahip, just before the Soi Khao Talo junction there is a Soi on the left, take that, then sort of second on the right although you do just follow the road, then first on the left, for the day we brought our own rods and tackle but everything can be hired there, the cost was for, 8 small Heineken's, 3 sodas, 1 coke, bait, the fish cooked with egg fried rice and taking 1 fish home 1,400 baht, a great way to spend the day, and the score? 4 - 1 to Nick,

 as it was nearby we decided on an Indian meal,  

 at the Ram Indian Restaurant, it is just up Soi Khao Talo a few hundred meters from the fishing park Soi,

 it was nice and spacious inside,

 for starters poppadoms with condiments,

 on to our main courses, pilau rice and a chicken Madras each for Nick and Maureen with a nan bread,

 for ourselves, peas pilau rice,

 with a chicken tikka Marsala,

 and aloo gobi, a lovely meal to round off the day, with 3 sodas and a coke the bill was 1,600 baht,

the restaurants takeaway menu, please note the prices are plus 7% VAT,

 we went back to Nick and Maureen's for a coffee,

 the coconut palm now bearing fruit, 

so fresh coconuts in a few weeks time, after saying our farewells,

we arrived home for a episode of Bargain Hunt, a few from Judge Judy, then feet up for a few more from Broadchurch, the plot as they say, like gravy thickens, with more revelations at every turn, we watched 3 episodes back to back and with that we were off to bed.

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