Tuesday, 25 April 2017

First Thing,

the bug company called around,

  so fire up the compressor,

 they sprayed around the outside wall and inside the house,

 the kittens had seen it all before,

 then we were out,

 our motorcycle had started to make a squealing sound from the front brake, so I dropped Diana off at TukCom so she could have a look around and I waited for the bike to be seen, it was just some dust in the linings, but I had an oil change and service as I was there, but there were a couple of repairs in front of us so I walked back to Diana,

 and then meet up with her for a ice coffee for myself,

 and a super shake ice tea for Diana,

 which I have to say to me did not look that appealing at all, but there it is,

 as an aside the coffee shop we went to was at the side of TukCom on the Soi next to the Kasikorn bank, and next to that there is a new post office which we had not seen before, by now I guessed our motorcycle would be ready,

 so I started to walk back to the repair shop, 

 passing this motorcycle I guess owned by an American,

 I picked up Diana and then we made a stop for a takeaway coffee and tea,
after our evening meal we watched Bargain Hunt followed by The Chase, then 3 episodes from Broadchurch, with more red herrings than a barrel full of red herrings, it is compulsive viewing and with that we were off to bed.

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