Monday, 17 April 2017

We Were At Home,

for Sunday lunch,

 so we sat by the aquarium,

 roast beef and Yorkshire pudding,

 with all of the trimmings,

 I was hoping the fourth clown loach, (Chromobotia macracanthus) would join the three others for a group photo, but it was not to be,

 no prizes for guessing what the dessert would be!

 we still had lots of Swensens birthday cake left,

during the meal I started a new box of wine, so Diana cut the old one for the kittens to play with,

 Diana played with it as well, me through the box, we listened to music for most of the afternoon and early evening, then some Judge Judy, a couple from Time Team, if you have not heard of it in the UK it is a popular series, some 282 episodes have already been filmed and broadcast over the past 20 years, basically a team of archaeologist have just 3 days to examine, evaluate and excavate a historical site, cataloguing and recording their finds, 

we rounded the evening off with Surrogates (2009), in the future world of "Surrogates," most of the human population reclines at home without moving, while living through robot avatars controlled by their minds, they present themselves to the world as younger and more attractive than they really are and all is going swimmingly well, until some one starts murdering the surrogates, FBI agent Greer, (Bruce Willis), has to find out who the perpetrator is, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

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