Wednesday, 19 April 2017

These Abstract Pictures,

are of us,

 but not as we know or recognise it,

 as it becomes clear what they are,

 it may gross you out,

 they are of our conscious, each a thin slice of the human brain at 22x the normal scale, each created through a combination of hand drawing, neuroscientific data, algorithmic simulation of neural circuitry, photolithography, strategic lighting design, and 1,750 sheets of 22k gold leaf, 

taking nearly two years to complete, artist and neuroscientist Dr. Greg Dunn, along with his collaborator Dr. Brian Edwards, have mapped the neurons in the brain for a series of images titled Self Reflected, produced through a technique they call reflective micro-etching, the two cross-disciplinary artists track the neural choreography in the mind, creating brilliant images that glow with a metallic luminescence, 

and here is a video of what conciseness looks like, “My work is neonaturalist, art based on natural forms and influenced by scientific advancements that allows us to perceive the universe beyond human senses,” explains Dunn in his artist statement, “Neonaturalism harmonises unfamiliar scientific imagery and techniques with an experimental artistic scaffolding.” Self Reflected was funded the National Science Foundation, and its first iteration is on permanent view at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Fine art prints and micro-etchings can be purchased on Dunn’s website, and no I am not on commission, I just thought the pictures so unusual as we can look into ourselves and the video so, well, beautiful to watch.

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