Monday, 17 April 2017

Back In The 1950s,

holiday time for us was at a seaside town,

 called Westgate on Sea, and just along from it was the town Margate, where Dreamland above was built,

even in those days I was not too keen on heights, but I just had to go on the scenic railway as it was called, I might have even been in this picture! 

how things have changed, now called roller coasters with almost fear inspiring names like this one, Full Throttle, at the Six Flags Magic Mountain,

come along for the ride, it features the world's tallest vertical coaster loop at 160 feet, 

if you think that is a bit tame pop over to Taiwan and visit the Lihpao Land Discovery World featuring a coaster called Gravity MaxX that starts you off with a jaw clenching 90 degree drop at 114 miles per hour, proving the bigger the drop the bigger the thrills, 

but all of these are short rides, for the longest coaster ride you have to go to Japan and visit The Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land it is the ride for you- because it's the longest roller coaster in the world at 8,133 feet long, I have to say it, watching the three videos did me no favours at all, I kept leaning to the left, then the right again and again, my coffee went everywhere! great fun for those that love heights and thrills but for myself I will just think back to those dreamy school boy days at Margate's Dreamland.

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