Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Diana Decided It Was Time To Shampoo The Kittens,

normally they paddle in the pool,

 or sit on top of the aquarium playing with the water,

 but as soon as the shampoo bottle appears,

 they get an aversion to water and try and hide, first it was Cable to be shampooed, but as soon as Hogue saw what was happening,

 it was time to hide,

 so next it was the turn of Mariana,

 who then joined Cable on the tower,

 then a thoroughly dejected Hogue was returned,

 who refused to look at the camera, 

 ah well all done for another few weeks,

 then it was my turn,

 no not for a shampoo, but to steam clean the tiled floor, 

as the kittens leave the litter box it is prudent to sterilise the floor every now and then,

we watched a few game shows in the afternoon, after our evening meal and a few from Judge Judy it was feet up for Billions, we watched two episodes, and they were both remarkably good, the basic story is the U.S. Attorney goes after hedge fund king, great build up to what could be a really entertaining series to watch, and with that we we off to bed.

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