Wednesday, 19 April 2017

This Video Reminded Me So Much,

of my woodwork master at school,

 in our final two years at school wood or metal work took up one whole afternoon, whilst we were working on our own projects he, our woodwork master would go to his cupboard, unlock it and take out some of his 'special' tools,

amongst them were a number of planes and chisels which with an oil stone he would sharpen and then produce work of his own, like these ‘Fibonacci’ spiral shavings,

looking back as we cut, scrapped, sawed and mangled our fingers I guess it was his escape, or perhaps therapy to overcome the trials we as students imposed upon this rather kindly elderly gentleman who had to cope with us accident prone students, and yes it was me that mangled a finger in the wood-lathe and ended up in hospital, I still have the scar some 51 years on, but back to the video that reminded me of all of this, it is by Paul Sellers, who is a master-craftsman.

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