Sunday, 16 April 2017

I Often Spend Time,

looking at the sites,

 of photographers,

 in the hope that by looking at other peoples work,

 it might somehow improve my photographic skills,

 looking at these pictures taken by photographer Margarita Kareva,

 show me that I have a long way to go,

 before I produce any stunning pictures like these,

 what is even more amazing than the pictures,

 is the fact that just 5 years ago,

 she took up photography!

she is from Ekaterinburg (Russia), she states that ‘I love to read since childhood, and perhaps my love of reading has made me a dreamer and a person living in their fantasies, and I'm glad that I had a way to play out my fantasies with the camera, it is very important for every person - to have their own way of expression, my way - is to share photos from a fairy tales, photos with unusual models, with animals, with a combination of quaint colours, most of the photos in my portfolio is a creative photography (noncommercial) because I think it is very important to do something that you really like',

 what a stunning series of pictures,

and these are just a few, if you like looking at photographs like these she also has a Facebook and Instagram accounts, looking at these I have so much to learn.

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