Sunday, 30 April 2017

We Have Often Dreamed Of Going To India,

and whilst reading about the country,

 we came across an art form where the artists uses leaves as his canvas,

 from the Peepal tree, the tree has great significance for Buddhist as it was this tree that Buddha sat under to gain enlightenment, the art form is thought to have originated in Kerala, India,

 before the invention of paper the leaves of this tree were used for writing and painting, 

today Indian artist Sandesh S. Rangnekar continues the Indian tradition of painting on Peepal leaves, each picture usually take two days to complete, due to the fragile nature of the canvas, the paintings have to be framed for better keeping. “The life of the leaf depends on how you preserve it. It has to be framed though, if you keep it open the dust will settle on it and the painting will be gone, you can’t clean a leaf,” the artist told Barcroft TV,

if you have time for a mug of coffee here is a short video of the artists at work, for more of his work have a look at his Facebook and Instagram pages, painting on leaves, amazing.

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