Tuesday, 18 April 2017

We Were Running Short Of Fruit,

so off to the market we went,

 and managed to arrive dry as the water throwing had not yet started in earnest,

 next to the motorcycle park as you go into the market,

 is where you will find the cooked chicken stalls, bar-b-qued on sticks,

 deep fried and some times boiled,

 and of course whole ones for a real feast,

 limes, I must remember some for Friday evening,

we made our way past the sushi stall,

 to the fruit section, 

for some apples and mangoes,

 next past the lady, 

 making decorations for temples, home shrines and spirit houses,

and this was the last stall we were looking for, selling freshly sliced and diced pineapples,

after our evening meal we watched a couple of game shows, a few from Cops, rounding the evening off with two episodes from Billions, I hate to say it but I and I now think Diana are rooting for the bad guy, the problem is which one of the two protagonists really is the bad guy? and with that we were off to bed.

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