Saturday, 15 April 2017

A New Year Begins,

well it does for myself,

 as yesterday I was 67 years old, it seems like a lifetime, I could babble on about how things have changed in those 67 years but think back to the year when you were born and there have been many changes since then, on to the day, for some reason we did not receive our MasterCard bill, but received a message on my telephone to say it was due to be paid, so in the hope that the sub branch in TukCom would be open we went there, it appears that the jackfruit season is here,

 as we made out way towards TukCom,

 we had parked opposite the Day Night Hotel,

 we went inside, but alas the sub branch was closed, so a quick stop at the coffee stall and we were on our way home,

 in the evening it was glad rags on, 

 Barry had kindly offered to treat us to a birthday Indian meal at the Royal Cliff, but first we had to remove one of the local cats from the top of his truck,

 we soon arrived, 

 the traffic surprisingly light going in our direction, but grid locked going into town,

 we made our way through the hotels foyer,

and into the Maharani restaurant,

 with it's beautiful ceiling rose, 

 for our starters we ordered poppadoms,

 and onion bhajis,  

 then our main courses arrived,

 chicken tikka marsala,

 pulao rice,

 and some nan bread, we also had a dish of aloo gobi,

 plus a few more condiments,

 after coffees,

 we made our way back through the foyer,

 with it's traditional decor, 

 and across to the car park, 

the good news was by now the traffic going into town had thinned out so we arrived home in no time at all, Barry dropped us off and we thanked him for a lovely meal,

it was then time for a couple from Billions, a last nightcap and we were off to bed.

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