Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Day Before Yesterday,

the combined weight of Cable and Hogue,

pulled the mosquito net away from its frame on the front door, so we were off with the frame to the corner of Thepprasit Road and Soi 8, 

about 10 shop houses along going towards Jomtien on the right hand side there is a shop that makes and repairs mosquito screens,

they have a manner of aluminium mouldings to make windows and doors,

 the good news for us was that they were not busy so they replaced the netting while we waited, 260 baht later and we were on our way home,

 where the white cat we thought had died was waiting for us,

 underneath the lemon bush, it is unwell, normally we can not go near it, but today we put a plate of food next to it and it did not move away, 

 on a happier note Mariana helped Diana cleaning the kittens pool,

Cable played with one of the plastic plants,

 then had a look at the pool filling, Houge decided to take a nap,

 for myself a 40% water change for the aquarium, water out,

and water in,

 in the evening Kai arrived from the UK, with some of her friends, next week all of the girls, Diana included, will be going to Korat for a friend of Kai's wedding, so a couple of days peace and quiet for me then, on to our evening bar-b-q, garlic bread to start,

 followed by lobster bisque,

 tonight we were fortunate to be able to see Venus and if you look carefully two of it's moons,

 on with the barby, lots of smoke,

 showers of sparks,

 and on with the food,

 tonight pork chops and a baked potato, 

 we finished with a selection of Tesco's own brand ice cream,

we continued listen to music until nearly midnight, then for us we were off to bed.

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