Saturday, 29 April 2017

Good News,

a fresh crop of mushrooms,

 not as many as previous crops,

 but by tomorrow they will have grown some more so mushrooms in garlic on toast for breakfast, delicious,

 in the afternoon we called into Friendship, we thought about going into the Soi Bukaow market opposite, but it was just so hot we decided not to,

 the first part on the new concrete in the Friendship car park had cured and was being used,

 stage two, the area outside of the new wing was next to be surfaced,

 shopping finished we called in at the rear of TukCom,

 for a takeaway ice tea and coffee,

 we then called into a small market that was just setting up, not many in the motorcycle park, just us,

 I stayed by the motorcycle but Diana went off to buy some vegetables, and would eventually arrive here,

 for some fresh pineapple to snack on later in the evening,

 and here she is,

 the pineapple expertly cut,

 in the late afternoon we were off again, this time to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market,

 I was intrigued by this stall selling sweetcorn,

 the purple variety, I will have to buy some just to see if it tastes different to the normal yellow sweetcorn,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 the pigeons on their normal perch,

 one of the ice cream sellers makes a sale,

 I decided to walk along a different aisle, past the sushi stall,

 and along I went,

 looking inland cloudy skies, I should have mentioned in the afternoon we had a huge rainstorm,

 I thought these looked cute,

 little hand made shoes for kids,

 the motorcycle spares shop still setting up,

 the pet shrimp stall already up and running,

 another stall I do not normally see,

 selling small standing lights,

 at the end of the aisle the massage section,

 behind the bar this evening a 50 baht stall, 

 and one selling shoes,

 the new roof over the steelworks now complected,

 so I guess stage two will start soon,

 I made my way downhill past the fresh fruit section, 

 this one a new stall that was not here last week,

 the pet section with hardly any customers,

 I walked along the aisle to the store we use,

 a quick calculation and I was on my way,

 in the stall before the petting area I noticed these little cuties, I am guessing they are Prairie dogs, but I could be wrong,

 no customers yet in the petting section,

 sunset over the market,

 I walked parallel to the road, 

 passing some of the souvenir stalls,

 and one of the ice cream sellers,

 only one customer at the bar,

 as Diana arrived this group of similarly dressed friends appeared, Diana had heard them talk as she passed, she said they were from England, I am guessing with numbers and names on their backs they are from some sort of sports or keep fit club, 

 by now it was getting darker, 

 so we made a move for home, unfortunately the sweetcorn seller had already left, so no chance to try the purple sweetcorn,

 arriving home a delicious aroma greeted us,

Diana had prepared a chicken casserole, delicious,

we watched a few from Judge Judy and Cops, then to round off the evening a couple from Broadchurch, as I have said before the story has more twists than a barrel full of twisty things, great series and with that we were off to bed.

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