Thursday, 6 April 2017

We Were Up Early,

Diana was off to see a friend,

 and I had some papers to pick up from Jack Levy, on my way to his office I stopped off at the small garden centre on the Sumkivitt Road just before Big C and the turn off into Pattaya Tai,

 as I was early just a couple of the stalls were open,

 and waiting for customers,

 I drove around but did not see anything of interest except these,

 in my day it was rocking horses, today rocking bikes!

 I parked in a side street almost opposite the wholesale perfumed soap outlet,

 and nearly next to the side street Jack's office,

 as luck would have it Jack was in as well as Rob who we see occasionally at the weekend night market, so I picked up our BUPA certificates and plastic cards, the insurance for the Kawasaki motorcycle and paid for the trucks insurance,

 in the late afternoon it was glad rags on,

 as we made our way,

 to the Central Festival on Second Road, 

 a quick pose by one of the windows,

 a look outside,

 and we were in, 

 and up to the 6th floor, 

 to the Edge restaurant, it is a strange layout you go upstairs,

 then downstairs to the escalator which takes you down again,  

 still all of that walking does give you an appetite!

 I had a quick look around,

 at the various goodies on offer,

 I will definitely be having some of these,

 the sushi chef, all smiles as usual,

 and she will make you slices of any of these tasty morsels,

 I went with the free flow wine,

 I continued my walk about, 

 looking at some of the cold cuts for starters,

 along with cheeses,

 and a selection of breads,

 and condiments,

 there was also a selection of Thai food,

 and sauces,

 a noodle station,

 and pots containing different types of rice,

 I thought these were neat, pans with prepared dishes in them,

 and a nice selection of seafood waiting to be cooked,

 on to tonight's roasts, a choice of pork/ham or beef,

 there were also a number of covered dishes, one of which was lamb stew,

 garlic bread and Diana's favourite, the pizza station,

 a quick look towards the carvery,

 then on to the dessert station where a dessert of your choice can be expertly made to your liking,

 and there are so many already made to chose from,

 as well as cakes,

 and fresh fruit,

 a choice of light or dark chocolate in the fountains,

 and even more cakes,

 the cold seafood station,

 in the foreground the dessert selection with the hot food and carvery at the rear,

 Diana chose a mango juice for her drink plus water later on,

 then it was time to eat,

 but first a look at the chance to win a meal,

 then choose our starters,

 Diana chose cold cuts and cheese, 

 so eyes down and tuck in,

 'Cheers!', I also went with cold cuts and cheese, but I have to say it the cocktail glasses with prawns and salmon looked so nice I had one of each of those as well,

 a birds eye view of the prawn,

 and salmon cocktails,

 there were a few dinners as we arrived at 6.30, but by now at 7.15 we had the lager lower seating area all to ourselves,

 except two other dinners in the far distance,

 on to our next course, pizza for Diana and a crab dish,

 that came in its own pot with noodles,

 another 'Cheers!',

to go with my sushi,

 I should mention the free flow wine did not stop flowing, 

 we took a break,

  and went outside,

  looking at the view in both directions, 

and out to sea, I liked the reflections of the lights on the water,

 this picture is a bit blurry I know, but you can sit outside, the staff clearing the table of the only dinners out there that had just left,

back inside for another course,

cold cuts and cheese for Diana,

 for myself,

 prawns, crab, potato mayonnaise with another of eggs, 

 main course time, a huge slice of pork/ham, with lamb stew and boiled potatoes,

 meanwhile Diana fancied something sweet,

 a tiramisu, chocolate eclair and strawberry Swiss roll, 

 accompanied by a crème brûlée,

 I decided to round off with another plate,

 of cold cuts and cheese,

 what a fabulous meal,

 we were both full to bursting,

diet starts tomorrow! for the two of us the meal with free flow wine for myself came to 3,300 baht (at today's rate £76.45 or $95.45) a tad expensive I know but what a fabulous selection of foods to choose from, we caught a blue and yellow taxi home, a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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