Wednesday, 12 April 2017

We Will Only Be Making One Post Today,

as this morning I have an 08.00 appointment,

 at the hospital for my quarterly check up, I should have mentioned the day before yesterday we had a great crop of cherry tomatoes, enough for that breakfast and the one yesterday morning, for that one crab sticks, cucumber and a touch of low calorie mayonnaise on a slice of black bread, and there was even enough of them for my evening meal, 

 how can Mariana possibly be comfortable sleeping in that position?

 but she was,

 outside one of the cactus had flowered,

 I keep saying, it is a shame the flowers only last for a day,

 Mariana decided to pay the aquarium a visit,

 Cable and Hogue pay little attention to it, 

 but Mariana plays with the water three or four times a day,

 luckily she has not learnt how to catch the fish, yet,

as I mentioned enough tomatoes for my evening meal as well, the same as this morning but with smoked ham,

after our evening meal we watched three or four Judge Judy's then another two from Billions, we are both cheering on the good guy, the problem is the good guy changes two or three times in every episode! although like it or not I would prefer Axe to triumph, even though it would mean a defeat for the US Attorney, but there it is, only time will tell, and with that we were off to bed.

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