Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A New Piece Of Street Art,

for 2017,

from artist Sergio ‘Odeith‘ who recently completed this incredible anamorphic graffiti mural inside an abandoned building,

it is almost impossible to imagine how he painted it, but is was not without it's problems,

on Facebook the artist added: 

“1 month ago my friend found this spot. Today we went there to paint. We were caught by the cops.. after showing 10 corner pieces on my phone.. giving my ID..and 1 hour conversation. Finally they let me finish this one. Will post it tomorrow 🚔🍷1st piece of 2017 – because of the previous story. I had only 6 hours to paint this one mostly done with a astro cap. in my opinion I would need one more day to finish it the way I like. At least the 🚔 let me finish it! Hope you guys enjoy it.” 

well we certainly did, you can also see more of his work on Instagram and he has a shop to buy from and no I am not on commission, I just like the art he produces, amazing.

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