Thursday, 13 April 2017

I Arrived At The Hospital,

just before 08.00,

outside I took a couple of pictures of the water feature,

 and hospital shrine, next weight taken, slightly up since my last visit, my blood pressure was a tad high at 133 over 66 at 87 beats per minuet, but then I had just ridden across town as was seen straight away, well that's my excuse! blood taken and now wait 1 hour for the results,

 for a change I decided on The Robin's Nest for breakfast, which is in Soi Diana just before LK Metro,

 I had a quick look around,

 a couple had just left,

 making me the only customer inside,

 breakfast arrived including 1 mug of tea 185 baht plus 20 baht for a hash brown, then 1 hour later back to the hospital for the results of my blood-work, and here they are, blood sugar a tad high at 143
Creatinine 0.92  the range should between 0.72 - 1.25mg/dl
eGFR (by CKD-EPI) 86 the range should be between 90 - 125 ml/min/1.73sq.
Hb AIC 5.4% the range should be between 4.8 - 6.5
Cholesterol 180 the range should be between 140 - 200
Triglyceride 109 the range should be between 40 - 150
HDL-Cholesterol 56 the range should be between 40 - 135
LDL-Cholesterol 102 the range should be between 60 - 100 and I missed it by 2! but overall things for my age, wait for it I will be 67 tomorrow, seem to be pretty much OK except the high blood sugar, as an aside the cost of all of the above blood tests was 1,795 baht,

 in the evening it was glad rags on as Mr. Tony picked us up, 

 and we were off to the car park opposite Cherry's, I wonder if some one knows their motorcycle has been stolen?

 a quick pose,

then inside for the 450 baht Wednesday International buffet, which also takes place on Saturdays, 

 a choice of tom yum goong,

or tomato soup,

 plenty of salads to chose from,

 and a nice selection of starters,

 spring rolls and fish in batter,

 and 18 or so covered main course dishes to chose from, plus a carvery and pizza station,

 and what a nice selection of desserts,

 eyes down and tuck in,

 Diana chose pizza with spaghetti with mushrooms and cheese on top,

 my second starter,


 and on to main courses, for myself I chose ribs, curried chicken with nan bread, duck and a veal dish,

 for Diana to follow Ice cream and apple pie,

fruit and ice cream for Mr. Tony, creme caramel and a raspberry spoon for myself, all in all a delicious and reasonably priced meal, if you want to try the restaurant is on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, we finished with a coffee each, Mr. Tony kindly dropped us off at our home and he made a move for his, 

so for us it was feet up for 2 more episodes of Billions, which were very enjoyable, then for us we were off to bed.

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