Monday, 10 April 2017

We Started The Day,

with another trip to Friendship,

work on the car park has stopped,

 I am guessing to let the concrete,

 completely harden till work can start on the other side of it,

  there were just a few more things we wanted to see us through the Songkran water throwing period,

 Mr. Tony kindly called round to pick us up, 

and we were off to the Aroi Pub Resto,

 for our Sunday lunch, lots of salad,

 and starters to chose from, 

 moving on to the main courses, cauliflower, carrots, sweetcorn and roast potatoes,

 to go with a selection of ribs, pork, lamb or chicken, I should have also said that the soup of the day was vegetable,

 there is also the choice to make poc-poc if you like it,

 and for desserts ice cream is included but we opted for the rhubarb pie,

 the ever smiling Peter who is the owner, 

 after our starters Peter very kindly gave us a complimentary plate of roast beef with a drizzle of sauce and sprinkled with chopped peppers that was very nice,

 for myself a second starter,

 mussels served in an egg cup, one with I guess a traditional Belgian sauce and one with a spicy Thai sauce, with egg mayonnaise and lettuce,

  on to the main courses, Diana went with the ribs, 

whilst Mr. Tony and myself went with the lamb, and it was the most delicious piece of lamb that I have had for many years, we chatted about this over lunch, some how Peter cooks the lamb in such a way that the meat is full of flavour and I have to say it, it tasted the nicest out of all of the restaurants that I have eaten lamb in all of Pattaya, yes it was that good!

 on to desserts,

 rhubarb pie and ice cream,

the buffet was 350 baht each, but we did pay extra for the rhubarb pie, even so I have to say it was excellent value for money, the food has so much flavour and it is surprisingly easy to get to, 

just look out for this sign on Sukhumvit on the left, after passing Makro on your right, turn into Soi 89, go over the railway crossing and after a few hundred yards Aroi is on the right hand side with parking opposite,

 on our way home I noticed this truck with what appeared to be a fun fair trailer behind it, I waited to take a few wore pictures of other trailers, but this was the only one, 

Diana popped over to say a final farewell to Riza, so Mr. Tony and myself watched a couple of films, then Diana returned and made us a late night snack and what a feast it was! we said our goodbyes to Mr. Tony and thanked him for giving us a lift to the restaurant, then for us we were off to bed.

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