Sunday, 16 April 2017


so time to change the refrigerator magnet,

and for this week we will relive our trip to Venice

 Saturday is also the day,

 that we clean or I should say Diana cleans the kittens pool, watched by Hogue,

 and Cable,

 Mariana as usual, 

 is helping Diana,

 and playing with the water, 

then Cable decides to join in, 

 meanwhile I am part emptying the aquarium,

 and refilling it,


  a couple of Diana's stinky cactus have flowered, unfortunately the snails have eaten a part of this one,

 and this is the stinky part of it, 

 and a flower on this one too,

 the smell they give off is to attract insects,

 not to eat as some insectivorous plants do but to fertilise them, our next stop was the TukCom centre, today the sub branch of the bank was open, so we paid our MasterCard bill, but I did not take the camera as the water throwing had already started,

 on to our evening bar-b-q, we started with garlic bread,

 then Diana's pizza arrived,

 and the delivery girls were off to their next stop,

 next course, garlic mussels,


 then lite up the barby, 

 for a fillet of pork,

 with potatoes cooked with onions and bacon,

 then a real surprise, a birthday cake,

 it was not a pizza delivery at all,

 it was a Swensens delivery, 

 so blow out the candles and make a wish,

 and I did not spill a drop!

 time to cut the cake,

which was delicious, no prizes for guessing what we will be having for dessert tomorrow, we listen to music for the rest of the evening, finally going inside at about 11.30, then for us we were off to bed.

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