Saturday, 8 April 2017

When The Rain Stopped We Went Out Shopping,

with Songkran looming we were stocking up,

 so we did not have to go out and have buckets of water thrown at us as we drove to the shops, so here we are at Friendship, and what a change! half of the car park has had a new concrete surface added to it,

 so I guess the other half will receive the same treatment in the days to come,

 plastic sheeting and cardboard had been placed over the fresh concrete to stop it drying too quickly,

 but with the look of rain in the sky,

 they should not of worried, on the way home we stopped at the coffee stall, whilst Diana ordered our takeaway I rushed into the bank in TukCom to draw out some money, in those few moments the rain started,

 and it poured down, after several minutes it had not abated, so we drove home and you guessed it by the time we arrived the rain had stopped,

 in the late afternoon we made a move to the weekend night market in Thepprasit Road,

 a bit cloudy looking towards Jomtien,

 I  made my way past this very popular food seller,

 looking inland the sky looking very ominous,

 yellow seems to be the predominate colour on this stall,

 one of the mobile food sellers making a sale in one of the aisles,

 the Big Eye stall restocked with big eyes,

a rainbow of coloured shirts, 

 on both sides of the stall,

I normally walk past this stall then take a picture of the stalls behind the bar, but today,

 these shrimps caught my attention, reminding me of the day we went to the Pet Shrimp Market last month,

 opposite the bar a stall selling towels and one selling ladies clothing,

 walking downhill towards the pet section this stall seemed popular, 

selling scarfs and these,

 very decorative,

 ladies compacts,

under the steelworks, 

 lottery ticket sellers have set up shop,

 on to the fruit stalls,

 and here are two of my favourites, marian plums and lychees,

 some time ago I took a photograph of these long neck giraffe lamps using coconut shells to make them, the coconuts are drilled and a light bulb is inside of the shell,

 well the concept must have been popular

 as to complete the line up there are now elephants,


 and a little baby giraffe, Ah!

 on to the pet section,

 you may remember yesterday due to a slight misunderstanding I bought 400 kilograms of kitten litter, well as I passed the stall I said hello to the owner who told me she will be closing up over the Songkran period as there will be few customers, then jokingly asked if I needed a top up of kitten litter to last whilst she was closed, which made us both chuckle,

 on to the petting station,

 if both of these are from the same litter one has to ask, 'who ate all the pies?'

 sunset over the market, 

 the work that was being done during the week has resulted in another set of columns being put in place, so there are now 5 rows of them,

 a quick look at some of the velvet wall art in one of the stalls,

 then I sat at the bar, where none other than Doc. Jeff called by, he had been here for a week or so, 

 we chatted for a while and said our goodbyes, 

 by now Diana had arrived from her shopping in Tesco so we made a move for home, looking back at the moon as we went,

 and looking towards Jomtien a nice sunset, 

 arriving home the delicious aroma,

of a chicken casserole greeted us,

 we the settled down munching on fresh fruit for a fantasy evening, first The Mummy,

followed by The Mummy Returns, both such good action filled fun, and with that we were off to bed.

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