Saturday, 22 April 2017

Cable Learns To Growl,

but more of that later,

first thing we were off shopping, as we left we noticed another flower on one of the cactus,

 here today gone tomorrow,

 we parked in the Friendship car park,  

opposite the middle entrance to the Soi Bukaow market,

 we were both surprised to see that the part of the car park that had been concreted 2 weeks or so ago was still drying,

 with lots of newspaper and cardboard over it being kept damp to stop the concrete from cracking,

 work was continuing on the steps, 

 it was market day,

 so Pattaya Tai was a bit busy,

 over the road was where I wanted to go next, 

 to Pattaya Pro Nutrition, which is opposite Friendship,

 inside a huge selection of products,

 I know I am a bit old for it now, but 6 days a week after cleaning the kittens litter and feeding them and then posting the blog I do a few exercises, just 20 or 30 minutes or so, then afterwards I have a protein drink, and this is where I buy it in powder form from, 

10lbs in weight I use one measure in a mug of water a day, so for 4,000 baht I am good to go for the next few months, does it help? well it is rather like taking a vitamin pill every day with all of the essential vitamins and minerals in it, do they help? who knows!

 shopping finished, so next stop a takeaway ice tea and coffee from behind TukCom,

whilst at Friendship we bought a new toy for the kittens, a wand for want of a better term to explain it, a short piece of plastic with some string and a mouse like felt toy at the end of it, well for some reason Cable liked it so much he actually started hissing at it and the other kittens as he wanted to play with it,

 then he did something we have never seen him do whilst playing he really started growling as Diana tried to pull him along with the toy, so I made a short video of him growling at the toy, you might have to turn the sound up just a tad to hear the hissing and growls, it was so strange, he has never reacted to a toy like this before, 

 in the evening we were off to the weekend market on Thepprasit Road,

 unfortunately as you can see from the pictures somehow some dust has entered the camera and settled on the sensor, so when the other camera comes back form being repaired I guess we will have to send this one away to be cleaned, why is it I have so much bad luck with owning cameras?

 away I gave a good talking to and tapped it a couple of times in the hope it might dislodge the dust,

 and it seemed to have worked, well a little bit,

 I continued my walk around,

 stopping at the stall in front of the bar,

 that had a few pet shrimps for sale, 

 behind the bar both stalls were selling cosmetics,

 a little bit of new work on the steelworks since our last trip here, some smaller cross pieces have been fitted, 

 I do not have a clue what these are, but they looked very colourful,

 I made my way past the fresh fruit section,

 and on to the pet aisle,

 we were getting low on some of the kittens food,

 a quick hello to one of the markets cats,

 I also bought a couple more wands, at the end of play Cable had totally annihilated the one we bought from Friendship today,

 past the petting station,

to the aquatic store at the end of the row, shrimps on the top section,

 fish at 7 for 50 baht below,

 sunset over the market, it was in taking this picture I realised I had not cured the dust problem, the dust did not show at the low end of the zooms range, but as I zoom in to a subject the dust appears,

 I walked towards the road and saw these nicely made pieces of stitching, embroidery I guess you would call it,

 sitting at the end of the steps beside the bar, the peanut seller, 

 looking inland, 

 Diana returned from shopping at Tesco, so a quick picture,

 and we were home, 

 welcomed by the aroma of,

a delicious beef stew,

we ate outside, but then returning inside we watched a couple of antiques shows, some Judge Judy and rounded to evening off with a couple from Broadchurch, and with that we were off to bed.

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