Thursday, 6 April 2017

I Do Like Cactus,

they are easy to grow,

  even from seed, and need minimal care, there is a similar group to them,

 called succulents

but in all of the pictures above in case you have not guessed, there is not a single cacti or succulent, they are all cakes! they feature a garden of agave, cactus, aloe, hen-n-chicks, and more, all made of buttercream frosting, 

they are made by a baker in Jakarta, Indonesia, who has carved out a distinct place in cake artistry, Ivenoven started baking for other people only three years ago, and now has a bakery business with 12 employees, although she does make standard cakes with beautiful flowers and other designs, like the one above, her cakes featuring succulent plants really stand out, for more of her work have a look here, and what a great name Ivenoven,(I've an oven).

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