Wednesday, 19 April 2017

With The Onset Of Songkran Tomorrow,

it was already wet outside today,

 so we stayed indoors and will do for the next few days, still it gave us some time to play with the kittens, and them the fish,

 also we noticed the angelfish, (Pterophyllum scalare) were spawning again,

 they had spawned 3 or 4 times before, 

 but each time one of three things happened, the eggs were infertile, the parents ate them, 

 or stopped looking after them so the other fish moved in for some angelfish caviar!

 and this time there was plenty of it, 

the number of eggs they laid must be in the hundreds, so in the next few days we will see if they hatch,

and for a bit of fun we made this video of the kittens playing with a bubble making machine, which they did not know what to make of, and of Mariana's trip to the aquarium, where thankfully she still has not learnt how to snag a fish,

after our evening meal we decided to watch Zoo, world wide animals, that is pets, wild and captive animals go wild, exhibiting unnatural behaviour and planning attacks on humans, a fairly good story line but with so many holes it makes a string vest look like a sheet, but good fun for the kids at the same time, which I guess is why I liked it, Diana was totally underwhelmed,

we followed three episodes of that with the film Perfect Stranger, it had so many twists and turns, even the films makers did not know how it would end, it did in fact have three different endings, each one with a different killer!

we rounded off the evening with two more episodes of Billions, it is getting just so good, tomorrow the last episode, which we are both looking forward to, and with that we were off to bed.

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