Saturday, 22 April 2017

It Appears In China,

jaywalking or crossing the road disregarding pedestrian lights is a big problem,

so much so that authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan have recently equipped busy intersections with automatic pedestrian gates that only open when the traffic light turns green, Chinese officials have been cracking down on jaywalkers for years, jaywalking in the Asian country, often referred to as “Chinese-style street crossing”, often involves pedestrians completely ignoring traffic signals and crossing busy streets and roads, usually in large groups, this contributes heavily to traffic jams and bottlenecks in busy Chinese cities, and fines haven’t proven as effective a deterrent as authorities had hoped, 

 traffic officials in Wuhan, China’s Hubei province, are trying a different approach, stopping people from jaywalking in busy intersections with the helps of automated pedestrian gates, the kind you normally see at subway stations, for now, they have only been installed on either side of several pedestrian crossing, but if they prove effective, authorities plan to have them installed all around the city,

other methods used in the past including shaming offenders by making them wear green caps, painting red lines on the pavement to make people think twice before crossing a road, 

or placing injured mannequins and white crosses on roads to highlight the danger jaywalking are exposing themselves to, all appear to have had little effect, going back to the gates, they only allow pedestrians to cross the road when the traffic light turns green, and close as the red light comes on, but what prevents people from just going around the gates, or just jumping over them as they do at the subway ticketing stations, right? well officials have considered that possibility as well, and have announced that surveillance cameras above the gates monitor activity at all times, and offenders will be shamed by having their faces displayed on digital billboards in the area, so will public shaming make a difference to jaywalking gate jumpers? time will tell.

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