Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Many People Keep Unusual Pets,

some times in 10s or 20s of them like fish,

 but 28-year old Ming Cu keeps her pets in the hundreds, 

 1,500 to be roughly precise, tarantulas, from big ones,

to little baby ones, she has been collecting tarantulas since 2010, Ming Cu’s obsession with tarantulas began 7 years ago, when she spotted a beautifully-coloured tarantula in her yard, in Bandung City, Indonesia, She only took some photos of it, but the more she looked at the pictures, the more fascinated she became with the eight-legged creatures, and it wasn’t long before she started looking online for people selling tarantulas, She bought one, than another, and before she knew it, Ming was hooked, over the past seven years she has spent over $55,000 on tarantulas, and now has 1,500 of them living in a special room in her home, I know tarantulas as pets do seem to grow on some people, we have featured them before once in 2014 and again in 2015,

her parents did not mind sharing their home with Ming Cu, they were not too keen on sharing it with her tarantulas, but when they saw how passionate she was about the spiders, they gave in and and allowed her to keep them in the house, “They’re still scared, but it’s reasonable,” Ming told Kompas, “Luckily they are not paranoid.” Ming Cu started selling tarantulas in 2012, at first, she only dealt with local clients, but after advertising online, she started getting orders from abroad, as well, and now has clients in countries like the UK, Sweden, Germany and Poland, if you’re interested, check out her website, the video unfortunately it is not in English, but by watching it you will get the idea, and no I am not on commission, I think I will stick to kittens and fish!

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