Saturday, 8 April 2017

I Have Heard Of Left-Handed Teacups,

and left-handed saucepans,  

normally on April Fools Day, but this is the first time I have heard of left handed playing cards, with the card indicators on the opposite side so you can fan the cards left-handed, so here is the Sinister Deck, the company set out to bring lefties and righties alike a deck that's unique, a little bit educational, and plenty of good fun,

with people who are left handed being used as the face of the cards, here is the low down on the deck,

  • Each deck contains 54 custom, hand-illustrated cards by Michael White
  • 18 "face cards" featuring famous Left-Handed people (16 Ace-Jack + 2 Jokers)
  • Each suit is a different theme: Hearts are Musicians, Spades are Historical Figures, Clubs are Politicians, and Diamonds are Film/TV Personalities
  • The deck is "Left-handed": Card Indicators are on the opposite sides so you can fan the cards "left-handed"
  • Special Details: And there are a few subtle touches to the designs that die-hard fans will notice, also retained are traditional deck details like the "suicidal king" and "one eyed jacks".

it may seem a bit of a strange thing to do but remember 10% of the worlds population are left-handed, although the cards are not yet available they are on Kickstarter, so they should be available soon, Ned Flanders would have been so proud! and no I am not on commission, I just thought it was a great idea for left-handers.

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