Monday, 24 April 2017

Glad Rags On,

and were out,

 Mr. Tony had very kindly called by to pick us up,

 and this is where we were going, the Aryo Pub Resto,

 I had a look around to see what was on offer,

 a selection of salads for starters, with spoons containing crab, chicken and tuna, along with home made pate, mussels in shells and in egg cups mussels with a normal sauce and some with a Thai spicy fish sauce,

 Peter as cheerful as ever,

 is ready to spring into action, the choice this week was of pork, chicken, lamb or beef brisket

 there is of course a fully stocked bar, with over 20 different Belgium beers on offer,

 and for dessert a selection of home made pies,

 'Cheers!', we made a start on our starters,

 this was Diana's choice,

 then a most pleasant surprise, Peter brought us all a complimentary dish of custard topped with a raspberry with blueberries and a raspberry jus,

 well I had to have another,

 next on to our main courses, we then finished with ice cream, we were all to full to go with the pie!

 if you want to give the restaurant a try go away from Pattaya towards Sattahip, looking to your right you will pass Makro, then on your left look out for this sign, just look out for this sign on Sukhumvit on the left, after passing Makro on your right, 

turn into Soi 89, go over the railway crossing and after a few hundred yards Aroi is on the right hand side with parking opposite, the Sunday buffet is 350 baht each, remember the restaurant does close on Mondays,

arriving home we settled down to watch Fitzcarraldo a favourite film of mine that Mr. Tony also wanted to watch, although the name Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald is used, or Fitzcarraldo as he was known in the film, (the locals could not pronounce the name), he was known in real life as Carlos Fermin Fitzcarrald, a rubber baron who lived in Iquitos, they both did indeed transport a ship over a mountain, the difference being in real life it was taken to pieces, in the film hauled up by ropes and pulleys and under it's own steam power to the front anchor winch,

the film had a back drop of war between Peru and Ecuador, oil wells, arguments and huge problems with both local and imported extras, well worth buying for the story behind the making of the film Burden of Dreams, which came with the DVD I purchased, for me a great film, so the film was a part real life adventure and part fiction, in real life a boat was taken apart moved over a mountain and reassembled on the other side, in the film a 340 ton boat was hauled without special effects up a 40 degree incline, the film maker Werner Herzog had more than a few problems in making the film, it took 3 years, two of the lead actors dropped out, Jason Robards in the title role, Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones as his assistant, so the film had to be re shot, Klaus Kinski stepped in as the lead role, there were plane crashes, 5,000 extras, one of the crew was shot by a native with an arrow, with only a crew of 16 to film it, 6 of who were in the boat scene, 3 of which were injured as it goes down the rapids, worse still Klaus Kinski was known as a temperamental actor, he constantly argued with Herzog and he threatened to leave the film set before finishing, he was also a constant source of tension as he argued with the other members of the film crew and locals as well, alienating the local population, one of the local chiefs told Herzog he would kill him, this unique and difficult film, won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival, it was a difficult film to film! if you have the chance take a look,

 Diana had disappeared into the kitchen,

 and returned with a lovely selection of cold cuts and cheeses to nibble on,

and of course we had to have the last of the birthday cake, we said our farewells and thanks to Mr, Tony and settled down to a few from Poirot and then we were off to bed.

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