Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Do You Have Noisy Upstairs Neighbours?

if you do this device might be of interest,

a building shaker, a Chinese man, surnamed Zhao, has been enduring the noise his upstairs neighbours constantly produce on a daily basis, according to Shanghaiist, the family has an active young boy who spends most of his time jumping around in their home, while Zhao has nothing against the boy being energetic, he complained that the frequent jumping around made too much noise and was disturbing his rest, initially, he tried some diplomacy and talked to the family about his problem, however, his complaints fell on deaf ears and the noise persisted,

Zhao then decided to just get back at them and went on to devise a plan that would teach his noisy neighbours a lesson they won’t forget, he spent 400 yuan ($60) for his revenge by purchasing a machine designed specifically to annoy noisy upstairs neighbours, dubbed the “building shaker,” the motorised machine is programmed to continually thump against the walls to produce the loud, constant sound of revenge, you can purchase something similar from Taobao, before leaving his apartment for the weekend, Zhao switched the machine on at around 8 p.m. last Friday night, for two days straight, the machine annoyed his neighbours with incessant thumping sounds, the neighbours even went to the property management office to complain but they were unable to help, they also reported it to the police, but Zhao was nowhere to be found, the machine was only turned off upon Zhao’s return on Sunday afternoon, while local authorities were there to make Zhao shut his device off, it was not reported if he was penalised for his actions, as an aside apparently, they are designed to keep the noise in the user’s apartment to the level of an air conditioning unit, while wreaking havoc upstairs, I wonder if the upstairs family are now quieter?

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