Monday, 10 April 2017

It Is A World Record,

for the longest domino line,

unofficially, as there is not a single line category in the Guinness World Records Book, but that did not deter domino master Hevesh5 (Lily Hevesh) and friends Berlagawesome and ShanesDominoez, who set up 15,524 dominoes to fall in a single line, 

it took two days to set them up, and when they successfully fell, it became a new world record, by the way the dominoes were weighed to calculate the number in the line, a little bit about Hevesh5 (Lily Hevesh) she currently has over 250 million total YouTube views and 1,000,000 subscribers, making her the #1 most subscribed Domino Artist on the web, amazing!
watching the video I was concerned that one of the falling dominoes might hit one not yet fallen, but it all went swimmingly well, if you enjoy watching falling dominoes here is her You Tube page, where she makes a super big impressive 30,000 piece to mark her 1,000,000 view, and her April Fools joke with her Dad is priceless!

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