Friday, 28 April 2017

I Often Wish I Had More Hair,

I should say on my head,

 but I am not so sure now when I watch Russian hairdresser Daniil Istomin cut hair, mainly because he uses an axe!

he wanted to make his haircuts different, and came up with an idea to set himself apart from the competition, inspired by old stories about how rugged men once shaved their beards, he started experimenting with a very sharp axe about two years ago, and steadily improved his hair-cutting skills,

“The axe makes everything easier, because with one stroke you can cut as much hair as with ten scissors strokes,” Istomin told Russian news agency RIA Novosti, adding that the blade of the axe needs to be exceptionally sharp to cut the finer details of a haircut, it looks, well, not my sort of thing, the last time I went to a barbers in the UK I asked for a short back and sides, but this hatchet job looks a bit too close to comfort for me!

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