Sunday, 1 April 2018

Exciting News For Thrill Seekers,

and this is it, 

reported in the Japan Times, when the 634-meter-high Tokyo Sky Tree in Sumida Ward opens thrill seekers will be able to take part in what is claimed to be the world’s highest commercial bungee jump, jumpers will launch themselves from a height of 430 meters (over 1,400 feet) towards the ground, the jump was discovered after being inadvertently photographed by The Japan Times’ sharp-eyed senior cameraman, Yoshiaki Miura, who was in the neighborhood shooting night exposures of the new tower, “I didn’t notice anything at all until I uploaded the pictures into my computer the next day,” Miura said with a grin. “That’s when I saw this grainy line across the computer monitor and I thought, ‘Oh, damn — something must have streaked my lens filter.’ I was going to delete the photos but then I zoomed in and scrolled all the way to the bottom, which is when I realized I’d captured a bungee jumper in what looks like a Spider-Man costume.” for the full story have a look here.

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