Sunday, 1 April 2018

Gender Neutrality Goes One Step Closer To Madness,

in your own home!

Junior minister for the DAE (Department of Agricture and Equalities), Julian Fin De Cloche told a packed press conference that it was time for every home in Britain to provide an inclusive and non-discriminatory toilet environment, Mr Fin De Cloche commented, ‘From March 2021, if you invite someone into your home to use your facilities and they would rather not be pigeon-holed into a ‘Gents’ or ‘Ladies’ toiletarial classification, you could be liable for a £5000 fine if you only have a toilet that has been aligned to a particular gender, for example, if you are a single toilet household and you only have a predominantly pink or blue d├ęcor, a third-party user could technically contact their local hate crime unit and file a report.’ but there is some good news, the Labour Party confirmed in a press release that local constituency branches would offer a £99 AGNS Compliance Check for local households from the end of the year, the fee will include a ‘Home MOT’ from a qualified Diverse Diversity and Diversification Specialist who will check other rooms in a property and give advice about wallpaper patterns that may offend people who get offended by certain wallpaper patterns, well that’s a relief, so home owners in the UK get your £99 cheques written out now!

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