Monday, 2 April 2018

Off For Sunday Lunch,

and here we are,

 and again for this week chose The George restaurant and bar, we have eaten there many times before, it is in Chaiyaphruek 2 Rd, if you are going away from Pattaya heading towards Sattahip on the Sukhumvit Road when you arrive at the Chaiyaphruek traffic lights turn right and the restaurant/pub is about 100 yards along the road on the left hand side,

inside, the well stocked bar,

Mr. Tony kindly gave us a lift there,

where we meet up with Jim and Cher,

Mr. Tony and Cher decided on the pate, whilst Jim and Diana went with the chicken and leek soup, for myself Caesar salad,

next the carvery,

the boys went to the counter first,


by the girls,

then it was eyes down and tuck in,

next desserts, chocolate and coconut for Cher, strawberry for Jim,

chocolate for Mr. Tony and vanilla for Diana and myself,

we followed with coffees, latte for Diana, Cher and Mr.Tony,

Jamaican coffees for Jim and myself,

we said our goodbyes to George and Ian, also stopping to buy a couple of tubes of their delicious shredded pork, just the thing to snack on whilst watching a movie, Mr. Tony dropped Jim and Cher off, 

 then came back to our place where it was feet up for Journey to the Center of the Earth, the 1959 version, I remember watching this as a kid in the cinema, I was totally captivated by it, of course in those days there were no special effects as we know them today, great fun and excitement it was too, 

after saying our farewells to Mr. Tony for us another spaghetti Western, For A Few Dollars More, it does not seem that I first watched this in a cinema in Croydon 53 years ago, but I did, and with the end of the film we were off to bed.

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