Tuesday, 3 April 2018

This Is The One,

the most visited museum in the world,

the Louvre in Paris, although the results are a few days old, the Louvre tops the most visited museum again, in 2017 with 8,300,000 visitors, just think next year we will be in the results as we went there in February 2018

the results were published by The Art Newspaper, which also published the result of the most frequented exhibition in museums,

the top spot going to the Tokyo National Museum exhibition of 22 Buddhist sculptures by the renowned Japanese artist Unkei (around 1150-1223), the show, the first major retrospective of the sculptor, enabled the Japanese museum to reclaim the top spot after eight years, around 11,300 visitors a day saw the exhibition, so next time we travel we will be visiting a few museums, for us great fun.

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