Sunday, 1 April 2018

We Had A Slightly Different Saturday,

first thing and we were off, 

 to Freddie's Fishing Park, along with Jim and Cher,

 John kindly took our picture,

 watched by a couple of fellow anglers,

 and John himself who made us all very welcome,

 the view of the lake from the bar/office, looking to the right,

 and left,

 Jim had called to book the pontoon, 

 and we were soon tackling up,


 the girls made themselves comfortable, 

 we dropped the fish a line,

 and I was the first to get a reply,

 and here he is, 

 a red pacu, (Piaractus brachypomum),

 then time for breakfast/lunch,

burgers and chips, 

 the lake has a number of geese,  

 and then action, as Jim hooks a large fish,

 I look on hoping it will be my turn next,

 the fish was really putting up a good fight, 

 Cher did the honours with the landing net,

 and there he was,  

 after carefully unhooking him,

 it was time for a pose,

with a red tailed catfish, (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus), 

 two white geese arrived,

 time to sit back and relax, 

 and then it started to rain,

 so time for a beer,

 one of the geese came over for a closer look, 

 then my second fish of the day,

 a small carp,

 a quick pose, then unhook and return him,

 fishing over it was time to pay, 

 and say hello to a white blue-eyed huskie, the park charges 300 baht a day for fishing in the low season, reduced from 500 baht high season price, booking is recommended, 0850955491 and note that Sunday and Monday the park is closed to the public and is open for only guests staying in lodge, the rest of the week open 8.30 am to 7.00 pm, we had a thoroughly enjoyable time, 

if you want to have a great days fishing here is the map of how to get to the park, as a reference point at the top left of the map there is The George in Chaiyaphruek 2 Rd, 

 after saying our goodbyes to Jim and Cher, we were into our Grab taxis and home, where for our evening meal we were outdoors, and started with Diana's lobster bisque soup, 

 which one of the feral cats and one of her 4 kittens that have adopted us could smell, 

 for some reason one of them found my shoes interesting,

 food please!

 Diana brought one of our cats toys out to play with the kittens,

 which they loved,   

 next lite the barby,

 and soon we were in business, 

 on with a couple of pork fillets, 

 unwrap the potatoes, bacon and onions, 

 and tuck in,


 and for dessert,  

honeydew melon with strawberries and ice cream,

 Diana brought one of our cats outside in a harness, 

 this is Mariana, 

 who I am sure could smell the feral cats that were here earlier, 

after a walk around we listened to music until the midnight hour and then we were off to bed, just a small thing, remember to hit the older posts button, there are a few more for today.


Vic said...

Who needs a beer on the beach, when you can have one in a fishing park?

PattayaStan said...

Dear Vic, it was nice having a beer in the park, but I still would like to have one or three on a sun kissed tropical beach, but alas such joys are banned, so the fishing park it is then! best regards, Stan and Diana.