Sunday, 12 June 2016

All Aboard The Tram,

we were off to see a couple of friends,

 we almost had the tram to ourselves,

 5 or so stops latter and we were at Sandilands,

 a short walk,

 and we were here,

 a quick pose by Diana, then we were chatting away to Mick and Pauline who Diana had not seen for some 5 or 6 years, 

 for lunch Mick and Pauline treated us to a meal at the  Miller and Carter steakhouse in Pickhurst near Hayes in Kent,

 there was a bar area,

 then into the restaurant,

 a quick 'Cheers!',

 from all of us, 

 Mick and Pauline both had the 45 day matured steak, Diana and myself both chose the one above, the 8oz rump, it was delicious one of the nicest steaks we have eaten in a long time, the restaurant has a name for serving the finest steaks, it is a well deserved repetition,

 on to desserts we both ordered a shared dessert for each couple, sticky toffee pudding, candy floss, ice cream and a lemon tart with a chocolate stick, what a treat, after thanking Mick and Pauline for the meal they kindly dropped us off in Bromley,

 so off to do a bit of shopping we went, I also had a hair cut, I even got the OAP rate, £6 for a number 1,

 in the square a wall mural dedicated to Charles Darwin, who's home we visited in September 2010,

 we made our way along Bromley High Street,

 window shopping on the way, we also called into the Post Office,

 Diana was still in shopping mode, so I called into The Partridge

 for a beer whilst I waited, I think there must be a sporting event on soon, so many flags from competing Nations behind the bar,

 the pub is very nicely decked out with nice touches like these chandeliers,

 my turn for a pose in the hallway, we made our way home to Steve and Kai's, later in the evening after we had a supper of beefburgers chips and onions we settled down to watch Batman,The Dark Knight, followed by a couple of episodes of The Killing, and with that we were all off to bed.

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